Simmonet designs, develops, supports, and enhances new or existing offline and online marketing programs to maximize our clients' return on their marketing investment.

It takes the right people, the right strategy and the right technology!

grant simmonsGRANT SIMMONS

Creative Director / eCommerce & Marketing Strategist
At its core, Simmonet Marketing, a marketing support company, is the expertise, energy and experience of its owner, Grant Simmons.

Grant has over 25 years of strategic planning, technology & project management experience in the corporate and non profit communications sectors working with small, medium, and Fortune 100 companies and organizations, taking responsibility for the brand strategy, design, coordination, and execution of Intranet, Internet, websites, eCommerce, print collateral, multimedia, marketing events, sales meetings, video production, and other results-oriented projects.

Grant has the necessary skills to achieve your desired objectives, not only with "flash & sizzle" (unless flash & sizzle is all you want!), but more importantly with the "meat and potatoes" that's necessary for a solid foundation, cost-effectiveness and, ultimately, success in any communications or marketing project.

This "meat & potatoes" approach means focused strategy, consistent process, responsible management of costs, clear client communications, and the appropriate use of the best personnel, technology & tools for simplicity, efficiency and measurable results!

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